The “Why”

Shown are letters and images from the kids directly supported by Wildfire BBQ.
There is no better feeling than to support their efforts and see the futures they create with their knowledge, skills, and scholarships. Join us in supporting this very worthy cause!

It all started when…

Wildfire BBQ started in 2015 with very humble beginnings when a couple of buddies and I decided to buy a single spot at the annual San Antonio Rodeo BBQ Cookoff. We brought out a little BBQ pit trailer, rented a small 30’ x 30’ tent, and invited my good buddy Bill Ayers to play for just a handful of family and friends. Everyone had such a great time that I wanted to continue the fun annually; and since then, this event has evolved and grown rapidly year after year into what is now the single LARGEST and BEST private event in the 300+ team cookoff!

In that same stretch of time, I was invited to attend the San Antonio Jr Livestock Auction as a guest. I learned of the hard work and dedication it takes to place an animal in the San Antonio Livestock Show, and I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the compassion and generosity of the buyers in that auction who contribute to the futures of those youths of Texas. Seeing the enormous heart of those buyers was a contagious spirit and gave me the inspiration to rally up several of my close friends to turn Wildfire BBQ into a fundraiser, to be able to also contribute to these deserving kids. In 2018, I attended the San Antonio Jr Livestock Auction – this time as a buyer – in the name of Wildfire, representing the people and sponsors who made it possible.

The Wildfire team comes from all different walks of life, and they embody that same spirit. We begin our work in August every year to make sure that every attendee has a great time. At the time of the San Antonio BBQ Cookoff, we work tirelessly on-site, transforming this event from a bare parking lot to a remarkable tent in just a couple days. The atmosphere and entertainment lineup are always second to none!

We greatly appreciate you sponsoring or donating to this incredible three-night event.

Jesse Pigott​

Thank you notes